What Is the Value of an Associate Degree?

An associate degree is generally known as an undergraduate academic degree, which is awarded by an educational institution such as a community college, junior college, and technical college and in some cases, a four-year bachelor’s degree-granting colleges. In the United States, an is often the equivalent to the first two years of a four-year college or university degree. In the United States, an associate degree is usually offered after two years of education or 60 college credits or units earned, which involves a significant number of general educational courses including core courses and electives. A large number of subjects including science, art, business, engineering, computer, health services, educational and other professional subject are offered in working towards an associate degree.

Because today’s job market is highly competitive and candidates are highly qualified, an is a good degree to have when it comes to entering job market lam bang dai hoc . If a student can earn an associate degree to go along with practical experience, he or she will be considered as an asset to any company working in his or her industry.

The highest paying jobs for an include Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Medical Sonographer, Dental Hygienist, Registered Nurse, Radiologic Technician, Engineering Technician, Paralegal, Court Reporter, Respiratory Therapist, and Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Nowadays, almost each and every company demands someone with good writing skills, excellent English skills, math skills and someone who is adept working with a computer. And helps students to garner the previously mentioned skills to present to a potential employer.

Occasionally, and will offer some type of specialized technical training or a short-term course for certain industries or service organizations. This training can help the student raise his or her confident level while also preparing for a potential career.

In Accordance to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a worker who has an associate degree earn an averaged extra $6,600 against his or her basic salary in 2001, when compared to workers who are working with a high school diploma but no. In addition, not surprisingly, the report says job seekers who already had achieved an are more likely to get a job than those job seekers who had no more a high school diploma with an employment rate 30 percent higher for people with compared to those who had only earned a high school diploma.

Though there are a number of online colleges and universities that specialize in military-friendly programs, there are certain factors to be considered to classify them as one of the top online universities for military veterans. To be one of the best, a military-friendly university should support the CLEP policy. As per this policy students are provided partial credits based on certain undergraduate examinations and also credits for the students military experience. Best universities should also be accredited and should accept and offer various scholarships, financial support and tuition costs.

It has been proven through many studies and researches that military-friendly online colleges and universities provide the much needed support and help for veterans to make a smooth transition to a civilian life. Joining one of the top online military-friendly universities will help to hone their educational stock and build their confidence. Most online universities for military veterans offer several degree programs in different areas of study from which veterans can make a choice that best suits to their area of interests. The experience that they gain in one of these online programs will help to prepare them to excel in a job of their particular field of interest.

Following is a list of some of the top online universities for military veterans.

American Military University – AMU was established by a former military officer and specializes in offering degree programs that are best suited for military veterans. Their program schedules are flexible such that veterans can complete their chosen programs at their own pace. Their tuition fees are affordable and concur with a number of veterans benefit programs.

Norwich University – Their programs are designed to make a veterans transition from military to civilian life as smooth as possible. It is also one of the first colleges to be established for military veterans. They offer a number of online degree programs for veterans including engineering, justice, business, diplomacy, nursing, military history and more. At Norwich military veterans can be assured that their military experience will be recognized and used effectively to enhance their chosen program.

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