Collecting Exquisitely Realistic Doll Creations

Several manufacturers have ventured into producing dolls that have life like features ラブドール通販 . Each of them had showcased an array of exquisite quality creations that are carefully handcrafted and painted. Yet these dolls are not primarily intended for children and these are targeted to the demands of consumers with fine taste. Mostly individuals in their thirties and above have the fascination of collecting dolls for aesthetic purposes and for the love of the craft. One toy manufacturer that has been known for its attention on details and use of quality materials is the Ashton-Drake.

Ashton-Drake galleries have a myriad of serious or doll collections for people who want to start their collection of high-quality lifelike masterpieces. They have selection of doll themes such as reborn dolls, animal baby dolls, religious characters, cultural dolls, fashion and bride dolls, and even plush dolls. One of the newest additions to the fashion and bride collection is the limited edition Kate Middleton commemorative porcelain bride doll. The price range for Ashton-Drake’s dolls start from $ 40 to $230. The dolls size can also range from 3 inches to 21 inches.

One can also choose the type of materials used for the dolls. Ashton-Drake galleries online offer vinyl resin and porcelain dolls. Nevertheless, the vinyl material offers a delicately human skin like texture and the details spent on painting even on the fingers are realistic. They have doll lines that offer a wide range of designs that are amazingly lifelike. Some of their popular doll lines are So Truly Real, Tiny Miracles, Heavenly Handfuls, Emmy’s World, Emily Strange, and Delilah Noir. So Truly Real caters lifelike newborn baby dolls definitely look like a real breathing baby. The poseable style is priced higher at around $230 compared to the other non-poseable styles in this collection.

Ashton-Drake has been one of the most successful doll makers that have been manufacturing a wide variety of high-value collectible dolls since 1985. Today, they have also come up with collectible and cuddly plush dolls. Still in the essence of being realistic, their animal dolls have the realistic furry appeal especially with their dog pet variety. There are plush koala, panda, and lion dolls that are perfectly posed in their sleeping positions. Nonetheless, they have a plush teddy bear series which is sporting Elvis Presley’s famous concert outfits and accessories. The plush collection is also perfect for young children instead of giving them the delicate vinyl and porcelain alternatives.

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