Project Management Plan: Key to Project Management Success

A good project management plan holds the key to any project’s success. Planning is the primary phase of project management and it should not be neglected. Poorly planned projects end up leaving staff members and investors very frustrated.

A project plan is a tool that clearly presents the processes and procedures of planning PMP certification . This tool guides the project’s progress through completion. The plan will serve as the foundation for the project team and it will show the step-by-step process for project completion.

The project team should work together to create a detailed plan. There are standard formats of project plans; the team can use these formats to base their plan creation. They will just have to modify their formats according to the type of their project and other priorities.

In creating a plan, the team should have vigorous negotiations, most especially the decision makers. The decision makers are the ones who will finally decide on what are the things that should be prioritized first, the strategies, resources, and budget to be used, as well as the project schedule.

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