Do Athletes Need to Know About Boldenone Undecylenate Side Effects?

Boldenone (metformin) is an anabolic, androgenic (menstrual) steroid and the 1-desodium, 3-oxytetrahydrotestosterone derivative of testosterone. Boldenone itself hasn’t been commercially marketed; as an anti-androgen, it’s usually employed as the methanol, undecylenic acid, or simply as boldenone acetate. However, some studies have shown that the Boldenone (metformin) may be helpful in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. Because of this, it’s been approved by the FDA as an unapproved alternative therapy for erectile dysfunction Boldenone.

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It has been studied that the anabolic effects of Boldenone are caused by its ability to affect the protein synthesis process. As discussed in detail in my previous article on Boldenone (which you can access at my website), when men with low testosterone levels resort to Boldenone supplementation, they often experience an initial rise in body testosterone; followed by a gradual decline. This phenomenon is called the “tissue partitioning effect” and was first reported in Japanese and Chinese studies used to assess the anabolic properties of Boldenone.

The mechanism by which Boldenone achieves this desirable effect in bodybuilders is by increasing the intensity of the red blood cell cycle. As described in my last article on Boldenone (you can access at my website), when the testosterone hormone levels peak (or trough) during the peak of red blood cell cycle, the levels of naturally produced free testosterone peak as well. However, since production of natural testosterone is not sufficiently high enough to provide an energy boost to the cells that need it, they are instead repressed by the nuclear receptor sites. In other words, because the free testosterone has already peaked, there is no need for it to increase its level again to generate a boost to the cells.

When this process is repeated several times within a month, it can cause the reduced estrogen level to trigger the breakdown of the ovary’s mucous lining. This is why studies have shown that some women taking Boldenone to promote menstruation experience abnormal bleeding of the stomach and intestines. This effect is due to the fact that the increased concentrations of steroids in the bloodstream cause a reduction in the number of good quality progesterone receptors that exist in these areas, and so interfere with the normal function of the endometrial glands. If this condition continues, the glands will stop producing the correct amount of mucous that is required to prevent menstruation.

Because the menstrual changes and abnormal bleeding are caused by a reduction in progesterone levels, many athletes using boldenone to achieve these results do not realize that these conditions are also indicative of the onset of menopause. To avoid this, they switch to another type of hormone therapy known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is produced from soy. Unlike Boldenone, conjugated linoleic acid does not reduce testosterone levels and can actually help men maintain higher levels of testosterone. Athletes who use CLA as their hormonal replacement therapy often report no side effects.

In conclusion, you should be aware of the possible side effects of using boldenone Undecylenate if you are an athlete. This supplement may reduce the amount of estrogen in your system to produce a false pregnancy, although studies have not shown this to be true. You should also know that conjugated linoleic acid is considerably safer than the steroid Boldenone. However, if you have medical concerns or if you experience any type of side effects while using this product, talk to your doctor right away.

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