No Friends Left in Your Network Marketing Business?

If you’re struggling in a Network Marketing business and getting a lot of rejection from people you know, you are not alone.

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There are a lot of network marketers in your position. They’ve followed their sponsors’ instructions by making a list of family and friends to show the business to and try to sell some product. They even make it sound that the people you know will be excited to hear about your business.

In reality, you’re just another salesman to them who’ll probably try to pedal something expensive their way. I had some family help me in the beginning of my career. When I was still struggling with the business several months later, the people you know and love get a little irritated. They don’t want to see you. Every time you come around, they want to hide from you.

That’s the old worn-out approach to the business. We have the internet now and it has revolutionized everything, including network marketing. Many successful network marketers have embraced it. To be successful with the business today, you have to embrace it as well.

Here are four major reasons why you should be doing most of your prospecting online.

1. You can get highly targeted and qualified prospects to see your business without exploding your budget. You can attract that person who is sitting at their computer surfing for ways to make money. Wouldn’t it be nice to get that person to click on your opportunity? You can’t get a more targeted prospect than that.

2. You can also get many more people to see your opportunity than you could by talking to people one-on-one.

3. You can be viewed as a legitimate business person and not someone trying to push a pyramid scheme. You don’t have to chase people to buy your product or become a business partner. You can have people come to you. That makes the network marketing business a much better way to operate.

4. Besides your network marketing opportunity, you can have multiple streams of income with affiliate marketing and other programs. If a person isn’t interested in your business, maybe there is something else you have that will pique their interest.

It’s important to have content that will keep visitors coming back to you. You can do that with your own website or a Blog. Both can be done without a lot of expense. You want to make something attractive

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