The Calories You Receive From Beverages May Sabotage Your Diet

Whenever you go on a diet for weight loss purposes one of your main goals is to reduce the calories you take in. It takes 3500 calories to make one pound of body fat. You have to reduce your caloric intake by 7000 calories per week in order to lose an approximate two pounds each week. Two pounds per week is the highest amount of weight loss that is recommended by doctors.

Along with counting calories when you are attempting to lose weight you will need to monitor the amount of fat in your diet. Fat is required by our bodies, but we do not need excessive amounts of fat in our diets. We also need to learn to get the fat our body needs from things like fresh salmon, and from things like coconut oil.

So how does the need to cut calories and watch your fat intake concern your daily beverages? That is an easy question to answer. The average can of soda has over 400 calories per serving. You need to look on the container the soda is in to find the serving amount. The can may hold twelve ounces of Sonus Complete soda, but a serving may be six ounces. That means that you have drunk 800 calories if you consumed the entire beverage. If you are counting your calories this equals the number of calories you are allowed to have for a snack.

The calories in drinks like soda can be circumvented by consuming diet drinks that contain no calories. Then you can have the beverage with no worries. Wrong. The diet versions that contain no calories contain increased amounts of sodium and the increased sodium results in fluid retention. You must also be aware that the artificial sweeteners that are used in some items have recently been proven to be detrimental to your health.

The worst thing that you consume every day may be your morning coffee. Coffee does not contain any calories. You can drink this hot liquid black, meaning with no additives like cream and sugar. You get into trouble when you go to the coffee houses and begin to order the beverage with creams, and sugars, and caramel flavorings, and chocolate flavorings, and all of the other additives that make the stuff taste so delicious. All of these additives have calories, and the majority of them add fat to your diet.

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