Three Secret Abdominal Exercises Used To Get A Flat Tummy

Being a master fitness trainer and boot camp instructor, I hear a these statements all the time: How do I get rid of my gut? How do I get rid of love handles? How do I get a six pack? Can I get my stomach to look like hers? and so on with variations like this.

I strongly recommend finding a great fitness offering such as a boot camp lead by a highly qualified personal training staff to allow you to receive all that I mention all wrapped up into one package. With that said, if you really want to get your abdominal muscles in shape I will not deny that you should do exercises for the abdominal region. Contrary to what many people still want to believe, exercising the abs alone will not lead to getting ripped and defined. There are critical steps that need to be weaved into the equation. This is why it is absolutely necessary to understand three major factors needed to get your abdominal muscles into swimsuit shape.

1. Work the entire body not just the abdominals. Wait a minute! Aren’t you supposed to target the abdominal muscles exclusively in order to see significant abdominal muscle development? No! Just doing crunches isn’t going to cut it! This is a common myth that many people prescribe to. In order to gain ripped and defined abdominals, you need to reduce fat all throughout the body. That means you need to speed up your metabolism which can only be attained through working all the muscle groups in the body. Focus on whole body workouts that not only Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews engage the core, but the major muscle groups such as the legs, chest, and back. These are the fat blasting areas due to their size and increased ability to burn stubborn fat.

2. Flat tummy tactics should always be complimented with proper diet and nutritional strategies. Your stomach is never going to become slim with a poor diet. When you eat a diet that is loaded with processed ingredients, refined sugars, saturated fats, and excess calories, you are going to gain weight, fat weight, which will never allow you to have have visible abdominal muscles. Can’t you just eat less? It is not always how much you eat that contributes to whether or not you gain weight. When you eat, how frequently you eat, and what you eat in every meal contributes significantly to whether or not you drop the pounds to show those abs. Eating every 3-4 hours a meal that consists of only lean proteins, natural fiberous carbohydrates, and healthy fats is an excellent starting point.

3. When you are working the abdominals, put emphasis on targeting the deep lying muscles, primarily the transversus muscles. This is the inner corset that holds your vital organs. If you move your crunches from the floor to the stability ball you get a greater extension on the movement while providing support for the lumbar region. Full body, functional movements found in today’s personal fitness training and boot camps proper engage this muscles through various exercises. Understanding how the abs truly work will help you get that slimmer waistline.

Do these three approaches to get a flat tummy seem a little basic? Then why can so few of people actually accomplish this? The secret is to continue putting the proper formula together for an extended amount of time. Flat tummies await!

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